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Should Dak Prescott Be Worried That The Cowboys Just Signed A Quadruple Threat QB?

So the big free agency news from today was the Cowboys signing two time Pro Bowler DT/RB/WR/QB, Dontari Poe:

I’ll tell you this, if I were Dak I’d be shaking in my cleats. Because with him still yet to sign a long term deal, this sure looks like the Boys are preparing to move on without him? I mean just watch that touchdown pass again by Poe:

The way he not only read the defense but executed the play is absolutely incredible. Eerily similar to Peyton Manning.

However, if the Cowboys do get a deal done with Dak, and chose to strictly use Poe on the defensive side of the ball, I wouldn’t hate that either:

The big man can scoot! And with the Cowboys last week also picking up Poe’s former teammate Gerald McCoy, you can expect to see a whole lot of this next season:

Your move, Dak.