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The End Zone Pylon From Vince Young’s 2006 Rose Bowl Game Winning Run Has Been Discovered

First of all, I absolutely love this move Roy Miller. The dude was a teenanger and had just won a National Championship in epic fashion, yet had the precense of mind to grab the game winning pylon. Incredible. Big time players make big times moves in big time games. And that’s exactly what grabbing the game winning end zone pylon was.

Also. VY is right. That pylon is definitely a $1 million ticket. Honestly I’d say more. No doubt there’s a Texas booster or alum that would pay a couple milly for it. Althoiugh some would say it’s priceless? Personally, I rather have Pete Carroll’s tears.

And lastly because you have nothing better to do in quarantine, here’s the full footage of the best play in college football history by the best QB1 in college football history:


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