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Texas Athletic Director Del Conte Announces Shaka Smart Will Return, Which Means The Greg Brown Era Has Officially Begun

Really this is no surprise. I mean when March Madness and everything else in this world got canceled, I literally wrote a blog titled “Shaka Smart Officially Keeps His Job As Longhorn Head Coach”. But I’m not the Athletic director, so, I guess now it is Officially Official Shaka Smart Keeps His Job As Longhorns Head Coach*. As much as jobs COVID-19 has killed across this country, it did save one mans.

But like I said two week ago, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for Longhorns. Because there is a bright side with Shaka staying in Austin, that bright side is 6’ 9”, 195 lbs and goes by the name of Greg Brown III:

The only problem with the Greg Brown III era is that era will be one year. The dude is 100% a top 10 NBA draft pick in 2021.


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