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Bill Belichick Called Tom Herman Over The Weekend To Inquire About Longhorn Draft Prospects

By draft prospects he means Devin Duvernay, right? Just no doubt when this stat came across Belichick’s desk, he picked up the phone and made the call to Herman:

Zero dropped passes mixed with highlight reels like the ones below, will stop every head coach in their tracks, even 6-time Super Bowl Champion ones:

And although I do hate the Patriots, it’s hard to argue Duvernay wouldn’t be a perfect fit in New England. Obviously he’s a playmaker and an absolute beast of a WR, but he’s also the type of player that won’t bring distractions. He’ll put his head down, grind, do what is asked of him to better the team and win championships. And that is of course what Bill Belichick values: Intangibles >>>> Tangibles. Luckily for Bill, our boy Duvernay has both.


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