Austin Longhorns

Mack Brown Finally Reveals The Secret Behind Beating USC In The 2006 Rose Bowl Game

Jerry Fuckin Springer. The dude will not only assist you in finding out who your baby daddy is but he’ll also help you beat USC, win a National Championship and become a legend forever.

Although I will say I don’t think it took too much to keep the 05-06 Longhorn team loose:

That team was ALL swag. So much so that Coach could sit back, relax and watch THREE episodes of Jerry Springer on the morning of the biggest game in his coaching career. Love it.

A lot of coaches spend their entire careers trying to find the secret to success. Well the secret is officially out. Just watch Jerry Springer reruns and have the best QB1 to ever play college football. Do both of those things and this will be you:

And because you are in quarantine doing absolutely nothing, here are some of the best Jerry Springer clips YouTube has to offer to get you through your day:


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