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The People Have Spoken — It’s Time To Make The Red River Shootout A Night Game

By people, I mean the UT secondary. But still, shouldn’t the players opinion on the matter trump everyone else? I sure as hell think so.

I know the haters playbook too when it comes to keeping it a day game. They’ll first argue the 11am kick off is tradition. But besides that being a ridiculous argument, it’s also just not true. Because there have been 2:30pm kickoffs in the past. Facts.

Plus, if I wanted to attend 11am football games, I would have gone to Kansas.

Most importantly though, haters who argue tradition need to realize the tradition is not the time slot — the tradition is Texas versus OU at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas. Duh.

But once the traditionalist get dominated on their “tradition” argument, they’ll turn into the safety patrol — arguing a night game would be too dangerous. That Dallas wouldn’t have enough jail cells for a night game. While maybe true, that sounds like a personal problem for drunk morons.

Also, think about the LSU v. Alabama game. That’s a night game basically every single year. You don’t think those two fan bases enjoy alcohol, while also hating each other? Not once have I ever heard either of those two schools petitioning to move the game to daytime because Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa ran out of room in the jail? If drunk people break the law, they get arrested. It’s not that crazy of a concept. Who the hell cares if the drunk tank gets a little crowded once a year?

Bottom line is this — a night time Red River shootout would be fucking epic. Goosebumps just thinking about it. The energy would be unlike any game in the history of football. I know it. You know it. And the players know it. The Cotton Bowl has been being played since 1929 and has not once been at night — there is absolutely ZERO reason to not make that change.


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  • Rough part of Dallas. City of Dallas won’t let 70,000 drunk people spill out into that part of town after dark

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