Houston Texans

Disgruntled Ex-Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins Takes Shots At Former QB1


Out of all the complaints DeAndre has, it’s his time with the Brocketship that has him upset? Really?! Poor Brock is out there just living life, happily retired and then boom. This. A low blow on an Instagram LIVE from a disgruntled former teammate in the height of a global pandemic. Brutal.

I obviously don’t blame DeAndre either for being pissed about how things ended with the Texans. He should wake up everyday with hate in his heart for Bill O’Brien. He deserves to. But keep Osweiler’s name off your lips, DeAndre.

Because I didn’t hear any of this negativity from you after this Osweiler led game winning drive:

So to now start beef years later? COME ON, MAN.

Or maybe it’s simply that time has just caused you to forget? So, I’ll cut you some slack. But going forward, lets just try to always remember the good times:


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