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Aggies Are Claiming To Have A Leaked UT Football Playbook

Let me get this straight. A&M twitter claims a UT football player, in an attempt to get laid by an Aggie, sent his playbook to said Aggie in order to seal the deal? Yeah, no way that happened.

Even if it were true, sorry not sorry our players are trying to fuck during the middle of a global pandemic. And quite frankly, if girls at A&M are willing to drop their panties over a couple basic, routine offensive plays, then thoughts and prayers to all the Yell Leaders who were already struggling to have sex. They may never fuck again. Or die virgins. Texas players will just be sliding into the DM’s of every girl in College Station like:


Spencer Horner on Twitter: "Ran Da Bomb basically every play on ...

There will be no ladies left for ole poor Aggie.

However, what seems to be the more plausible reason for the playbook being leaked is that one of our many young, talented, 5 star recruits made an immature decision and posted his playbook on Snapchat.

But honestly, what does it matter? The fact that Aggies are prancing around like they got the golden Easter egg is not only pathetic, it’s idiotic. Congrats, Aggies. You got us. Everyone now knows Texas has an offense and we run plays. Big time breaking news.


Who the hell cares if plays that every team in the country run get put on the internet? Like no shit we got Da Bomb in our playbook in the unlikely event we are ever down and need to score a TD on a last second throw.

Also, who’s going to be the one to tell the Aggies that there’s still over 5 months until the season? I’m not a coach but pretty sure 5 months allows for ample amount of time time to add/change plays to the playbook?



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