Texas Produces Better Football Players Than Any Other State. Fact.

Excuse me, Hardman? Do the names Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Kyler Murray, Nick Foles, Baker Mayfield, Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Ryan Tannehill, Adrian Peterson, Mike Evans, Myles Garrett, Von Miller, Jamal Adams and Earl Thomas not mean anything to you?

I mean I could argue the city of Austin alone has produced more elite football players than the entire state of Georgia? Super Bowl MVP’s from Austin: Nick Foles and Drew Brees. Superbowl MVP’s from Georgia??? I’ll wait….

And in the last 11 years the state of Texas has actually had FOUR Super Bowl MVPs: Drew Brees, Von Miller, Nick Foles and Patrick Mahomes. Incredible.

Texas is basically averaging a Super Bowl MVP every other year. That is an absolute dominate stat that NO state can or will ever replicate. Especially a lowly one like Georgia.

But look, I didn’t pick this fight. I never would either. Because it’s not a debate. It’s just a fact. Texas has three times the population of Georgia, which means we have three times more high school football player. OBVIOUSLY, that means we will produce three times more talented football players than Georgia. It’s called math. Something Hardman apparently knows nothing about.

I’m really not trying to shit on Georgia either. They have produced some great athletes recently — Deshaun Watson, Cam Newton and Alvin Kamara are all studs. But I think it would be irresponsible to even call a single current football players from Georgia elite, even those guys. I mean Watson, Kamara and Newton, who are the current top players from Georgia in the NFL, are not Super Bowl MVPs or even Super Bowl champions for that matter. Tough look.

PS: Who’s going to be the one to show Hardman this stat: