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Video Surfaces Of More Alleged Astros Electronic Cheating But Here Is Why This Yankee Fan Is An Idiot

If a lay person were to watch that video they’d say — well god damn, they got the Stros. 100% that’s some type of electronic buzzer bullshit on the bat. And the idiot Yankee fan who tweeted the video probably spent 1,026,323,424,239,429 hours making it just in order to get that type of reaction from other morons who know nothing about baseball.

Because this is why he and his video are wrong.

First of all, the alleged cheating video is old news — here’s when it was originally tweeted by leader of the Pinstripe Pinheads, Jomboy:

Shortly after the tweet though, Jomboy was put in his place:

But before we beat down on these Yankee fans who thought they had found Astros cheating gold, it’s important to remember the Yankees haven’t been in a World Series in over 10 years. So, we shouldn’t be surprised they’ve never heard of a hologram sticker for being in the World Series and dominating. Holograms are new age. Yankees are has beens.