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The QB1 Job In Dallas Is Officially An Open Competition — Cowboys Sign Andy Dalton

It’s no secret Dak’s been going back and forth with Jerry on a long term deal. With the latest being Dak turned down 5yr/$165 million. But at this point, it seems like until the Mahomes deal gets done, Daks contract negotiations are on hold.

And if you want my opinion, he only has himself to blame for the Boys bringing in Dalton. It’s what happens when you get greedy during the middle of a global pandemic. Your company will move on to a cheaper, veteran option with better hair. A very valuable lesson Dak will hopefully take with him into the next pandemic.

Also, if you don’t think this is a QB competition, then you don’t know Andy Dalton.

Because as you can see in that fire pregame speech, Dalton is a competitor. And besides that competitive fire, he also lives and breathes Dallas, TX. He played played his college ball at TCU and still resides there. And if you live in Dallas, then you know. You can feel it. There’s a QB1 controversy in the air.