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Thoughts And Prayers To All The Aggies Out There

A few days ago our guy Kyle, doing God’s work, released a potential schedule that could help bring the No. 1 rivalry in the world back to a football field near you — or at minimum reignite the discussion to do so. And like all of Kyle’s stats, it was perfect. Far enough out to work and with dates neither team currently has a game on schedule.

Fans from both programs, near and far, were elated. With everyone in quarantine, it was nice to get a little hope and have something to one day look forward to. But then that asshole A&M AD, Ross Bjerk, had to go out of his way to ruin all the fun:

I guess it really shouldn’t come as a surprise either that Bjerk is a quitter. He’s an Aggie after all. Which is why after less than a year of negotiations, he gave up and “moved on” from bringing back the historic rivalry — although I’ve been hearing that while Bjerk is a quitter and loser, this move had more to do with him being scared of the Longhorns. And if that’s the case, then quite frankly, it’s hard to blame him. Especially with the recent news of players being able to profit from their name and likeness.

Either way, fast forward to today. Longhorn AD, Chris Del Conte, was asked about the renewal of the rivalry:


Look, no doubt it’s tough to be an Aggie. I can’t imagine waking up day in and day out knowing I have to wear maroon and practice yelling. Horrible. Or that I have to live in fuckin College Station in what is supposed to be the best 4 years of my life. But the worst part of being an Aggie has to be the daily reminder that the schools last championship came before WWII. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

So, for UT’s AD to come out during the middle of a global pandemic, with zero other sport stories being talked about, and say the Aggies aren’t a big enough name and aren’t a competitive enough team for Texas to even consider playing…..YIKES.

It’s never a good day to be an Aggie, but especially not today.


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