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Colin Johnson On Why Sam Ehlinger Is The GOAT

“The ultimate competitor right there,” Johnson said. “Sam is the type of guy, when he talks, you listen. He’s younger than me but in the huddle, he’s younger than a lot of guys he was out there leading. There’s no age with him. He’s been a leader since his freshman year. He’s a great guy to go to war with because you know he’s going to give you everything he’s got on the field.”

When Collin Johnson’s draft stock was at an all time high after his breakout 2018 season, Johnson decided to say fuck it — I’m returning to Austin.

At the time, a lot of people were puzzled by the decision. I was too. But after hearing this interview, Johnson’s decision to come back makes a lot more sense.

Collin knew what he would get returning to Texas — a QB1 who is a leader, competitor and can absolutely ball out. And in a world filled with college athletes entering transfer portals or having a grass is alway greener type mindset — that clearly was never the case with Johnson. There was no doubt in his mind he had the best QB1 in college football, which is why looking back on it his decision to turn down millions of dollars to come back to Texas was so easy for him.

And while Johnson’s senior season ended up being handicapped by a string of injuries, you cannot take anything from that interview other than Johnson 100% still believes Ehlinger can and will be the guy to bring the Ship back to Austin. Now all we need is for college football to hopefully still exist in a #PostCorona world.

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