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Should Cowboy Fans Be Worried Dak Was Too Afraid To Text Andy Dalton?

For Cowboy fans looking for a QB1 who is confident, assertive, welcoming and an all around just friendly teammate — then this news out of Jerry World has to have you worried.

I’m not trying to saying either that I don’t understand Dak not wanting to send the first text. Personally, I’m all about the play hard to get, don’t make the first move, not going to be desperate, and never show your cards type attitude. But I’m also not an NFL quarterback in the middle of contract negotiations who just turned down a reported 5 yr/$160 million dollar offer.

Because if I were that guy, I’d probably consider that by not sending the first text I come off as weak. Like I’m scared I’m on the hot seat. Or at minimum, people will think I’m worried that a guy with a red rocket arm and fantastic hair is a better QB1 than me.

However, this may end up being a “no news” story. It’s too early to tell. All I know now is it’s definitely something you’ll want to file away in the event we end up seeing Dak lose his starting role before Week 1.