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Cowboys VP Stephen Jones: Analytics Show Paying Dak Too Much Will Decrease Their Chances To Win


We sittin’ in here, Dak’s supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talkin’ about analytics. I mean listen, we talkin’ ’bout analytics. Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin’ about analytics. Not a game, not the game that Dak go out there and die for, and play every game like it’s his last. Not the game. We talkin’ bout analytics, man. I mean how silly is that? We talkin’ bout analytics.

But we talkin’ bout analytics, man. What are we talkin’ about? Analytics? We talkin’ about analytics, man. We talk — we talkin’ bout analytics. We talkin’ bout analytics! We ain’t talkin’ bout the game, we talkin’ bout analytics, man. When you come into the arena, and you see Dak play, don’t you? You see Dak give everything he got, right? But we talkin’ bout analytics right now.

We talkin’ bout practice. Man look, I hear you, it’s funny to me too. I mean, it’s strange, it’s strange to me too. But we talkin’ bout analytics, man. We not even talkin’ bout the game, the actual game, when it matters. We talkin’ bout analytics.


We don’t need a computer to tell us Dak is the future of the Cowboys. He’s proved that.

Pay the man, Stephen.