Texas A&M

Do You Believe Aggie Karen When She Says A&M Didn’t Want Or Need Zach Evans


I don’t know Aggie Karen. Never met her in my life. Until today, I didn’t even know she existed, let alone had a twitter.

But here is what I do know. You don’t tweet about someone FOUR times in the span of three hours unless they’re in your head. Because if you do that, people will probably suspect that you in fact do care. Or in this case, that Zach Evans has ocean front property in your brain. So, to me, no doubt #KarenCares.

The question then becomes, do the Aggies need Zach Evans?


To the Aggies credit though, who doesn’t need the former No. 1 recruit in the entire country? Pretty sure every roster would be better off having that type of talent on it, doesn’t matter how stacked you are.

So, why would Karen go out of her way to say the Aggies don’t need Evans?

Honestly, no clue? She may just be an idiot. Or an internet troll? Because when you’re last National Championship became before WWII and you are currently paying a coach $75 million to go 16-9 over the past two seasons, there’s zero question you could use all the help you can get. ESPECIALLY when your RB1 didn’t even rush for a thousand yards the previous season.

Come on, Karen. Be better. You can lie to twitter. Lie to Texas fans. Lie to the country and the world. But don’t lie to yourself. It’s not healthy.