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TCU Signs First Ever 5 Star Recruit, RB Zach Evans

Zach Evans has officially enrolled at TCU, putting an end to one of the most dramatic recruitments since Boobie Miles.

For those who don’t follow recruiting, Evans came into his senior year as the No. 1 rated prospect in the entire country – but due to a slew of off-field issues, dropped all the way down to No. 16 by the end of the season.

In his senior year at powerhouse North Shore, Evans was suspended on two different occasions. The first suspension came after their opening loss to Katy, which caused Evans to be held out of his next two non-district games for undisclosed reasons.

The second suspension though came at a lot more costly time — the night before the State Championship game. Evans was apparently sent home due to a “violation of team rules” aka he allegedly refused to put his cell phone away during a team meeting. Not great.

Even with all the off-field issues, it did not stop every team in the country from wanting to get their hands on him. Which I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise, because if you’ve watched this kid play there’s no denying he is an absolute beast on the field.

But when it came time for Evans to announce the school of his choice at the High School All-American game, he never ended up making his decision. People were shocked. However, a few weeks later it came out in the media that he had signed with Georgia.

Since that time though, Evans publicly asked to be released from his letter of intent to Georgia, which he was granted. He then went back again on the recruiting trail — making visits to Ole Miss and Tennessee.

And now today. Boom. He’s officially enrolled in classes at TCU. Unreal.

Now, with Evans recruitment finally coming to an end in Forth Worth, the only question remaining is whether he’ll ever make headlines for his actions on the football field, not off of them.