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Johnny Manziel Releases Video Of His Fall From Grace

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Flawless execution

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From #JohnnyFootball to #JohnnyBellyFlop. Oh how the Aggies have fallen.

It’s tough to see a guy who was once the face of Aggie football, a Heisman winner, Drake’s bff, a national sensation, a first round NFL draft pick — turn into a dude who can’t even do a simple flip into the water without losing his footing.

Some people are even saying this video perfectly sums up Johnny’s NFL career. While harsh, it’s hard to disagree. Because when haters point to Johnny’s QB flaws, sloppy footwork and zero brains are usually at the top of the list. And quite frankly, nothing in the video above does much to quiet those two critiques.

Either way, even if we never see Johnny on a football field ever again, I do hope one day we at least can see him become #JohnnyBackflip.