Dallas Rangers

Would You Attend The Texas Rangers “Concert In Your Car” Event At Their New Stadium?

That’s going to be a hard no for me dog. But look, hand up, I don’t love sitting in traffic, so I’m sure as hell not going to volunteer to spend my night in it? Doesn’t matter who’s playing outside my car. And honestly, the line up is solid. Love every one of those musicians. However, I’ll go ahead and listen to them from the comfort of my own home and portable speaker.

Also, 99% of people going to see live music go to have a good time, dance, drink, smoke a little weed, etc. You cannot exactly “dance like no ones watching” in your car and if you partake in any of the other named activities, well, you’re arrested for DWI.

So, while I appreciate the Rangers making an effort to live life in the new normal, not a chance I’m attending.