NFL Hires Former Atlanta Falcons “Fake Crowd Noise” Guy For The 2020 Season

Personally, I love this move by the NFL. Gaming meets real life football. But if they’re going to pump in fake crowd noise and fans — it better be perfect. Because if you fuck that up, it completely kllls the entire game from a viewing standpoint.

So with such high stakes on the line, who will the NFL hire to pump in fake noise?


Now this news hasn’t officially been released by the NFL, but my sources say it is all but confirmed. And obviously a bold move by The League. At the same time, also kind of no brainer. Only so many people in this world who’ve ever been hired to pump in fake crowd noise. The list is literally probably like 3 people world wide. So why wouldn’t the NFL pick up the Atlanta guy? But no doubt it will be interesting to see him make this transition.


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