Houston Rockets

Russell Westbook and Kevin Hart Worked Out Harder Than You Did Today

My current step count is at 1,245. And its 7:10pm. Not great. So as far as it goes for me, Russ and Kevin definitely have me beat. Dudes are absolutely crushing it.

And if you’ve been following Westbrook’s social media, this isn’t his first extreme workout session of quarantine. The dude has basically become the JJ Watt of NBA basketball. Just posting work out videos at every turn. Can’t help himself. I mean look at these:

But either way I’m glad he’s on my team. Because when the season returns, no doubt Russ will be ready.

Only question now is will Harden? The lack of Harden’s presence in any of these videos definitely has me worried. Especially with strip clubs being shut down. Poor guy has to be a complete mess right now.