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Longhorns To Play At Westlake High School Stadium Next Season?

Austin Public Health Officials aren’t just saying fans can’t attend games — they’re saying any and all games, even with just players, staff and video crew, can’t be played this season. What the fuck?

So many questions. Ehlinger will have to win the Heisman on the road? No homecoming? Texas doesn’t get to wear burnt orange this season? No Longhorn City Limits or silent discos? Is Bevo still traveling?

Personally, I think it’s about time for lifetime Longhorn, Governor Abbott (BBA ‘81), to flex on that twerp, Princeton alum Steve Adler. Because as big of a blow as no ACL would be, no UT home games would be the absolute worst.

BUT if it has to be, at least there is a contingency plan in place — play all home games down the road at Chaparral Stadium. After all, Westlake is technically it’s own city:

Plus, this would allow for Ehlinger to find himself right back on home turf, a place where he still holds the school passing record over guys like Drew Brees and Nick Foles — ever heard of them?

The University of Texas at Westlake?!?! I don’t hate it?


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