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Jamal Adams To The Cowboys?

Yesterday long time and respected Jets’ writer, Gary Myers, put out the above tweet regarding the ongoing contract talks between Jamal Adams. Which like most news coming out from the Jets, is not good. Because when you cannot come to an agreement with the best safety in the league, it’s a problem.

Enter the Cowboys.

There have been rumors that the Boys have been trying to steal Jamal Adams away from the Jets basically since he was drafted. And Jamal hasn’t helped quite those rumors by making it no secret his desire to one day play with the Cowboys:

But now with the recent “stalemate” in New York, the Cowboys have gone full throttle to make it a reality.

Only problem — the Jets asking price:

BUT here is why the Cowboys should take the deal.

First of all, Cowboys are going to be picking at 32 in next years draft anyway. So, really, who cares about giving up next years 1st rounder?

Losing Gallup though — that will sting. Gallup’s a young, talented player that really does help making our passing game elite. He will no doubt one day be a star in this league. But have you ever heard of Cee Dee Lamb?! I have. And I think he’ll do just fine as Gallup’s replacement.

Lastly, we are talking about JAMAL ADAMS here. The dude is a complete game changer on the defensive side of the ball:

Make the move Jerry!