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Chad Ochocinco Weighs In On The Long, Heated Debate — Shipley Donuts or Jordan Shipley

It’s a debate as old as time — which Shipley is the best Shipley?

The donut:

Shipley Do-Nuts Announces Grand Opening in Sugar Land, TX

Or lifetime, legendary, longhorn receiver — Jordan Shipley:

For years people have written takes of all shapes and sizes on the argument. No doubt it is a polorazing topic. One that really any reasonable person could differ on.

For me though, I’ll always side with Jordan Shipley. You return a punt for 100 yards and 6 points on OU, you’ll always get my vote. Plus, it doesn’t hurt having a voice of an angel:

But obviously there’s going to be foodies out there that live and breathe Shipley donuts.

So it’s good to see Ochocinco stand up for what he believes in and let the world know where he falls on this debate. Also, you have to respect that no matter how long Ochocinco has been out of the league, he’ll always have his former Bengals’ teammates back.

Jordan made no secret of his appreciation:

So who you got — Shipley Donuts or Jordan Shipley?


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