There Is Now A Hawaiian Themed Chick-fil-A And It Looks DELICIOUS

Obviously Chick-fil-A has nothing to do with sports on Texas. And this Hawaiian themed Chick-fil-A isn’t even located in Texas. So, why am I blogging about it?

Because I fucking love Chic-fil-A.

Hands down the best fast food restaurant out there. Live for it. Eat it once a week. At one point in life, my house was across the street from one and I probably ate there 3-4 times a week for a year straight. And for those at home wondering — I usually go with a No. 1 w/ a coke and if breakfast then the chick-n-minis w/ hash browns. But I digress.

Bottom line is this, now that I know there’s Hawaiian themed Chick-fil-a out there, I got to have it. I don’t want it. I NEED it.

So, I did my research and found the location. Surprisingly, it is NOT in Hawaii (pretty big miss by Hawaii IMO). It’s in Fayetteville, Georgia 600 Lanier Ave W Unit 103 Fayetteville, GA 30214 United States to be exact.

Road trip?


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