While Not Surprising, Today Is A Horrible Day To Be An Aggie

Obviously it sucks to be an Aggie. Waking up every day knowing you have to put on a maroon shirt cannot be easy. Spending your Friday nights during the fall practicing yelling has got to be the worst. Paying a coach $75 Million to go 16-9 in two seasons is honestly so embarrassing I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy! And not winning a National Championship in 80+ years, well that is just devastatingly pathetic.

But then to have Dixie Chicken–the oldest bar on Northgate in College Station COLLASPE— during the middle of a global pandemic?! That’s tough.

Because no matter how disgustingly atrocious Aggies may be, they need somewhere to drown their sorrows. Thoughts and prayers to ole Aggie — hopefully the rebuild of Dixie Chicken will be faster than Jimbo’s rebuild of the football team!


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