Drew Brees Fucked Up

If you’re just logging onto the internet, this quote by Brees has not sat well. And by not sitting well, I mean it was so bad his entire football team/city now hates him and may force him into early retirement:

Oh, and how did his star receiver Michael Thomas take the comments:

And you know it’s gotten real bad when Drew’s hometown (Austin, Westlake) starts trending on twitter as some type of white supremacist coltish city:

Yikes. Not great.

But I‘d be doing Westlake a disservice to not point out that these two also have come through the hills of Westlake:

Also, don’t get me wrong — I do think Drew is a good guy. For real. But no doubt it was an absolutely bonehead decision to take this stance and not appreciate the current movement at hand.

Really, Drew’s only move now is to write a long ass iPhone note message, post it on twitter, donate millions of dollars and cross his fingers that he’s still has a job come September:

Over/under Brees donates $1.5 million? I’m taking the Over — I think he drops $2+ milly.



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