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You’re welcome.

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That’s a zero. Just no way around it. I love Gary too. Best living guitarist in the world and an absolute Austin legend. So, it really does hurt my soul to give him a goose egg.

But at the end of the day, you got to know the equipment you’re using. This was Gary’s own diving board after all. His home court! Really no excuse here. He should have known that one too many big bounces and there could be problems.

Not to mention, that big of a slip up in front of the kid?!? Not ideal! Although some people are pointing to that being the cause of the backflip fail. That Gary was more worried about impressing the toddler than he was focused on executing the flip. Maybe so, but it’s not going to change my score.

Luckily for Gary, he’s made a full recovery and can get back to doing what he does best:


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