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Why Two UT Football Players Testing Positive For COVID-19 Is A Good Thing

So, Texas dropped this news tonight — when testing 58 players who returned to campus this past Monday, 2 came back positive with 1 other positive for an antibody test.

Now I guess some people are shocked by the news. But really, shouldn’t this be expected? It’s called a global pandemic for a reason? Not exactly a shocker 5% of our players have it.

But here’s why that is also in fact good news.

First of all, 5% is a low percentage. You can double check my math all you want but I’m correct — 3/58 = 5%

And while that number is low, it’s also a great start. Because as crazy as it sounds, we want our players to get Corona and we want them to get it now. Why? The more players who get infected in the offseason, means the less that will have to miss games due to Corona during the season. Facts.

I get this take may come off as harsh. Brash. Or even mean spirited. But it’s the truth.

Corona is scary. No doubt about it. But although it is a relatively unknown disease, here is what we do know — ZERO college athletes have died from Corona. ZERO. They are young and fit. Which based off all the data, science and statistics that have come out, is the best thing you can have going for you when it comes to Corona.

A young college athlete just isn’t going to die from Corona, and most likely will barely even show symptoms from it. So yeah, I rather not delay the inevitable. Lets have them get it now during the offseason, recover, get healthy and move on. I said it and I stand by it. Because we can’t afford guys like Ehlinger being out 2-3 weeks in self quarantine during the middle of the season with a minor cough and no taste buds. Just can’t have that.

Bottom line is this — we’re all going to get Corona at some point — isn’t it better to get it while you’re young, healthy and haven’t started your college football season yet? Hell, I’m up for getting Corona now just so it doesn’t effect me watching and gambling on college football.


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