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Longhorn’s Starting DB Anthony Cook Quits The Team Via Twitter And Then Un-Quits The Team All In A Night’s Work

So, Anthony Cook tweets this from the clouds tonight. Which obviously is a hell of a tweet. Quitting via twitter and then claiming it has nothing to do with “anyone or anything” when clearly it has everything to do with someone or something. Interesting move to the say the least. Nonetheless, he quit.

It was hard to be mad at Anthony though. After all, he warned us in high school he’d only be staying at Texas for 3 years:

But then boom — just an hour later Anthony deletes the tweet! Does it mean he was coming back? Or maybe his twitter was hacked? Speculation grew.

Then we get these tweets from his fellow DBs Josh Thompson and D’Shawn Jamison:

We’re back baby! Love it. But for the love of god, can someone chill out our DB room:


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