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Ezekiel Elliott And Several Other Cowboys Players Test Positive For COVID-19

A report released by ESPN today indicated multiple players from the Cowboys have tested for COVID-19 with Zeke’s agent, Rocky Arceneaux, confirming the news. Arceneaux also added that while Zeke does in fact have it, he is feeling good. However, the Cowboys have not commented on any of other positive tests citing privacy laws governing health information of team employees.

But really at this point, I’m not sure why a positive COVID-19 test comes as a shock to anyone living in Texas? I mean for better or worse, Governor Abbott has gone full steam ahead in opening up Texas — so no shit there‘s going to be a lot of people getting it. It’s inevitable. Because besides from what we know about COVID, nothing else has changed from when we went on lockdown in March aka there’s no vaccine or cure:

Bottom line — if you decide to leave the confines of your home, you’ll probably going to get it eventually. Simple as that. Doesn’t matter that you’re a professional athlete because there’s no outrunning a virus.

But the one positive is what I said earlier, the one thing that has changed is what we know about COVID. And what we know is that if you’re young and healthy, it’s not going to be life threatening. As of today, ZERO professional athletes have died from Corona. ZERO. They are young and fit. Which again based off all the data, science and statistics that have come out, is the best thing you can have going for you when it comes to Corona.

You could even argue that if we’re all going to get Corona at some point — isn’t it better to get it while young, healthy and the football season hasn’t started? I’m sure if you asked Zeke if he rather get it now or Week 6, he’d say now. Here’s a hot take — maybe all the Cowboys are purposely getting it to avoid getting it when the season starts? Team players if true.


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