Matthew McConaughey To Run For Governor Of Texas In 2022?

McConaughey stops by Capitol in Austin as state champion Lobos are ...

Rumors of McConaughey making a run for Governor have been swirling for years. But has the time finally now come to Make Texas Alright, Alright, Alright Again? I sure as hell believe so and here’s why.

First of all, he’d win. No doubt about it. I know it, you know it and McConaughey knows it. It doesn’t matter Texas is a historically republican state. Because when it comes to McConaughey, he represents all Texans. Politics, gender and race all become irrelevant when you throw McConaughey in the mix. He is Texas and if you polled the citizens of this great State, you’d get well over 50% who‘d vote for him to be their voice and their representative. Facts.

And while McConaughey has always been a philanthropist and never shied away from using his platform to promote awareness to any cause important to him, there’s no question he’s really ramped it up over the past few months:

Let me clear though, I don’t think McConaughey is doing all of this solely to test the political waters, however, it‘s also hard to not believe there may be something more to it. Because as everyone knows, McConaughey is a very busy man.

He’s a father and husband:

An Oscar winning actor:

Professional sports owner:


Minister of Culture:

So the fact he’s choosing to spend this much time and energy on things other than what he is paid to do, definitely has to make you think — is McConaughey preparing for a 2022 run? My sources believe so. And let me ask you this — have you heard McConaughey say he’s not going to run in 2022? Don’t think so.

Bottom line is this — it would be a lot cooler if he did.

PS: In the event McConaughey chooses to not run, I’m happy to report Josh Abbott has also thrown his hat into the ring to be the next Governor of Texas:

That is definitely a campaign I can get behind.

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    • yip…same question. I love him, but, just because he is McConaughey, doesn’t mean he has my vote.

      • Exactly! I love him as an actor but whether or not i vote for him for governor depends on his beliefs. Texans who think for themselves aren’t going to vote for him just because he’s a famous Texan.

      • Spoken like a true (well I don’t know what to call it) . So by deduction you’d vote for anyone as long as they said they were republican? So you would vote for the same exact guy with the same stances just as long as he says he’s republican? My god and you say that out loud and don’t think anything of it.

      • That’s pretty stupid. Seriously. What if they are the best thing for Texas? You’ve clearly been well trained by the conservative wack jobs out there to hate everything and everyone that is not like you. How unpatriotic-you should be able t think for yourself and vote for who is best, no matter what political party. What happened to your patriotism-did it get blinded because Fox News told you so?

      • David and windzofchange, your comments are the only that seem to come from someone that is thinking intelligently.

    • Should that even matter as long as he does the right thing is what matters and supports the right causes is what matters you need to get out of that Democrat to Republican s***

    • Does it really matter? If he is a good person with good intentions and has the best for Texans on mind, maybe it doesnt matter. Maybe hes the one to let us know that partisan politics is STUPID and maybe, just maybe someone can win on just being a good human. I love that i don’t know what “party” he belongs to! I’ll vote for him…..

      • Who said he would be democrat. When you listen to him, he actually sounds more akin to Republican.

      • I agree……..if he runs he will get my vote regardless of his political affiliation. Period.

      • I’m a Matthew McConahaughey fan. No Doubt!!! I’m also Republican. I don’t really care what Party that He would be running for or with.
        But, I do want to know where he stands on or with Our 2nd Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Law Enforcement Officers, Teacher pay and Abortion.
        That’s just to name a few.

    • I would think Republican as he loves Trump as much as Abbott does. 🙁 Texas needs someone really intelligent…..not just another movie star.

      • If Texas needs someone intelligent, they need to vote John Cornyn OUT of office as well as Dan Patrick.

  • who care what party’s he is on. If he can get the job done and I know he will. Then let him be.

      • Party affiliation gives you an idea of basic beliefs…I won’t vote for a democrat affiliated candidate for even dogcatcher, because they almost all believe in abortion, euthanasia, socialism, welfare for everyone, open borders at the expense of US citizens, and over-taxation/regulation. Never vote for someone on the basis of personality or looks alone…you’ve got to know their beliefs and qualifications.

      • He has my vote he is for the people and would do a great job 👍🏽✅🤠💙❤️


      • Harley has failed history. roflol. theres the whole problem. dems have drank the koolaid and none of it is true.

    • No we are a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC not a Democracy. Leftwing has been lying to people about the US is a democracy, we are a representative republic . That’s is who Congress is, our representatives. It’s not perfect but the best governing system in the world. That why millions try to come here every year, you do see that happening in Cuba, or Venezuela

  • I would definitely enjoying watching and listening to him but… right is right and left is not right which gives great importance to the platform he is will run on.

    • Absolutely!
      Interesting that Harley Spoon left no opportunity for a rebuttal to his diatribe…
      Typical rhetoric…

      • Exactly!! I love Matthew but he will lose me if he goes democrat!! He does spout family values often and respectful manners but does that include prolife?? My issue with the “uncomfortable conversation” piece is…why is he asking what he should do? Doesn’t he know that already? And what happened to the values question? He is also pro family so why not ask what white and black people can do to instill those values and stop raising children without two parents? Keep on keeping on!!

      • Typical of folks who have a closed mind. I am not democrat or republican but I would not trust anyone who gets caught up in the partisan mechanism. Both sides have their own weaknesses and it is time to do what is right til the stars fall. I don’t trust the labels anymore.

      • He definitely failed history tho I’m in Louisiana lived in Minneapolis 5 years then stationed in Ga 18 the reason Dallas cowboys will always be my team is cause they are from the only true patriotic state I know …..Republican texas so IF HE IS A TEXAN he absolutely was skipped class or was so high he was talking to jesus that hour

      • Harley please take the time to look at what these politicians truly accomplish instead of only looking at what they tell you they are going to do. Watch news on all channels not just one. I watch all of them and hear and see when it is incorrect and when it isn’t.

      • Party platform is as, if not more important than the candidate, I like McConaughey as an actor, but I also like Tom Hanks, and I certainly wouldn’t vote for him. I’m going to the Republican Convention in July as a delegate. Even in Texas we have some liberal republicans in office now, who don’t support the republican platform even though they ran on it.

      • I am not defending nor do I know Harley Spoon but he was replying to a statement and when you do that no one can reply to the replies.

  • I love him as an actor. When it comes to running for TEXAS, he will only have my vote based on his morales and values. Where does he stand on the 2nd amendment and where does he stand on abortion.

  • Texas is not “historically republican.” Look at our history of governors and their respective political parties. Even after the Southern Strategy was implemented, we’ve had more Democratic governors

    • Texas Democrats where always historically more conservative than the rest of the Nation. You’re to young to have first hand knowledge, but if you were to take a deep dive on this subject you’d see that the Democrats in Texas, LBJ comes to mind were extremely racist and his great society was designed to keep the black vote by keeping their community on welfare.

  • If y’all want communism vote Democrat. They’re the same people who are behind this COVID / Black Lives Matter. SORRY – I WILL NOT ALLOW The United Nations & Global Communists to become MY World Government. NOT ALLOWING my Country Destroyed by the Elite Vatican & Monarchial Oligarchs in Europe who always point their fucking finger at the US, blaming us for everything – while they’re secretly the ones behind Our Collapse, leveraging us into wars on their behalf as their bitch, through corrupt past presidents – whilst secretly benefiting from these wars they promulgate from behind the curtain, and ‘saving face’ as beloved European “figure-heads”.


  • One party (REPUBLICAN Party):
    *EACH PERSON is responsible for his or her own place in society. Government should enable each person the ability to secure the benefits of society for themselves.
    *Governmental power and resources should be kept close to the people through state and community leaders, NOT the federal government.
    *Government should stimulate business environment where PEOPLE ARE FREE to use their talents.
    *Strong national defense. Defending our nation against the enemy must be the fundamental commitment of the federal government and this requires the best-trained, best-equipped, most effective, military in the world.
    *Schools should be held accountable for student progress through testing, which can be used to identify INDIVIDUAL children’s needs.
    *Immigration policies should be followed and that securing our borders is vital to ensuring the safety of our citizens.
    *LEGAL immigration is the only way.

    One Party (DEMOCRATIC Party):
    *Responsibility of the federal government to care for ALL individuals.
    *Most POWER should rest with the FEDERAL government.
    *ALL Business decisions should be guided by government officials and in the best interest of labor unions.
    *Scaling down our military and reducing money spent on military intelligence.
    *Belief that true security comes from negotiations with foreign nations.
    *It is the fundamental right for the United States to provide UNCONDITIONAL (Illegally or legal whichever works better) aid and comfort to citizens of other nations, which takes away aid from the United States own, rightful citizens.

    • I’d revise the democratic list:
      * There is a basic standard of living that as Americans we should not let our fellow citizens fall beneath. Whether or not I agree with your life choices, as a nation we are family enough to provide the support that is needed. The administration of that will always have to be local and state, but the federal point is that it is an American guarantee, not a Texas, California, or Virginia one.

      * For the best consistency of policy, it’s more efficient to work at the federal level. That’s really the main reason.

      * Business is an important facet of American society. Democrats believe that the people are the point of the country. Government should be in service to the people not the other way around. Many, but not all, democrats believe that business should be in service to the people as well. That doesn’t government owned businesses, but it does mean that government has a role in making sure that things don’t get reversed.

      Dealing with the last three together, because I see them as one topic:

      * As a country, the reason for interacting with other countries is to promote our own advantage and our own security. Lots of other descriptions will be put on it, but that is what we are doing. As a government, our main tools are diplomacy (treaties, open lines of communication, and mutually beneficial deals that help us and make it harder for the other country to break away from us), Espionage (spying, intelligence, secret operations to affect change), Military (Mutual defense, buffer zones, direct use of force). Democrats do prefer the diplomacy route. It’s a preventative solution that costs fewer lives and plays to America strengths (we have a lot of leverage). Intelligence/Espionage is a reality of the world we are in, but there are big differences in how we would like to use it. For the military, democrats don’t want to reduce our security. We do want to break the military/industrial complex because we feel that is good for a few corporations, and not good for the country or its people.

      Some other bullets I’d add:
      * We want to give people the closest we can get to an even start in life. Many through hard work, abilities, or even luck will do well and create great success for themselves. That’s great! We don’t want everyone to have the same average outcome. What we don’t like is certain people having some really big advantages. If it weren’t so ingrained in the system, we would all think of it as cheating. How we go about that is hotly debated even in our party. We are happier when people are trying to help find the answer rather than pretend it’s not a problem.

      * The immigration thing rarely makes sense to progressive liberals. In America we can be born in one state and move to another without needing permission and it works out. I grew up in the South and now live in the Northwest. Why shouldn’t people in other countries be able to pick where they want to live? Why shouldn’t I be able to go live in another country? Are democrats in favor of breaking the law? nope. Do we think that it should be easier to legally immigrate to the United States. Yep. I know that sets off cultural and economic alarm bells for a lot of people. On the whole, the economics seem to work out. On the cultural side. You don’t have to accept cultural differences, but it is pretty fun if you do (and a lot of Seattleites have now tasted much better cornbread for it. 😉

      As long as I’m at it, a few things that baffle me on the conservative side:

      * Why are republicans against the UN? It was established by the United States to ensure our continuing power in the world while making it look as friendly as possible. We gave ourselves a permanent veto on the only body that has any actual power. Imagine as the United States formed if Virginia and Pennsylvania set up the constitution so that the senators from those states have a veto over anything going through the senate, but no other states get that. Now imagine that Virginia decided it doesn’t like the senate and wants out of it. That’s how crazy the position is to me.

      * Same deal on the IMF and WHO. These are largely puppet organizations of the United States. backing away from them just means that their agendas will be set by other countries now.

      * On the schools topic above, why do republicans all of the sudden get really federal on testing schools? If you want to hold schools accountable, why not do it on the state and local level (which have a lot more say on schools anyways)

  • He’s a cool guy and I generally like his attitude, but it all depends on his platform not his personality.

    You journalists forget that we aren’t voting on personality like you are. That’s why you’ll never understand Trump, we all know he’s capable of being a grade A butthead but he’s got the best policies. So it goes

    • If you believe what you just said, trump is politically good, you are insane and I’ll informed

  • Why does he have to be either party? Obviously NEITHER party is working well for American citizens. WHY does it have to be ALL this way or that way. Can we not take the good things from decency and believe in that? That division right there is why our country is in this big of a mess. Anybody who has morals, common sense and respect for the people and this country, state, city, neighborhood etc. Can have my vote.


  • I just hope he dosent do what that other actor did to California onces he become governor dont California my Texas alright alright alright…

  • One of the greatest governors of the great state of Texas was democratic Gov Anne Richards. She was the bond. If the current administration is an example of what the Republican party has turned into. no thank you. He’s a philanthropist, he’s giving, he’s compassionate, he doesn’t harbor vole and hate. He’s obviously not a Republican.

  • Represents ALL Texans? Hey he makes good movies and he’s a UT fan, but that’s as far as it goes. Politics isnt about being a movie or sports fan. If he’s a Democrat, he wont get my vote. If I disagree on his positions on policy matters he wont get my vote.

  • I like Mathew as an actor, not sure how I would feel about him as a political candidate. I know Texas is a Republican State but you must remember that not all people vote on party lines. I think it is wrong to condemn a politician for voting against party lines and out right shaming them. People need to vote in what they believe in and what is best for the people. We have way to many voting for what is truly wrong because it falls on party lines. People could say I was a democrat or a republican because my beliefs fall in the middle. I just want an honest government and with all these millionaires who are greedy and do not care about the sick, the poor, the veterans or anything but them selves is just wrong. I also believe in the 2nd Amendment but I would also like them to get the guns away from gang members who have records a mile long.

  • The article states that he doesn’t shy away from using his platform…
    This is why I believe he is not suited to run this state. We don’t need a Hollywood biased platform here in the great state of TX. Let’s just let him stay the cute little southern actor that he is. He’s adorable to look at! Keep him in the movies.

  • He might represent the Longhorns but in no way does he represent Texas. The guy is about as liberal as they come. He’s a great actor but no way I’d ever vote for him as governor of Texas (or any office for that matter).

  • Man, I would be so happy if he could run as a Libertarian and give us all a voice! I’d vote for him in a heartbeat if he did.

  • What’s his stance on death penalty, how about life without parole sentences for first time young offenders, wheres he at on abortion. How about education?

  • Texas is historically republican? Really? How so? Two Texas republican governors elected in the 1860’s and then not another one until 1979? Total of 39 democrat governors and 7 republican?

  • I love him as an actor, but I think he’d lean far left and I could never vote for that. Look at the shithole Austin has turned into, use to be a really cool town 20 years ago

  • While I prefer to consider myself a [middle of the road] independent, as I have never agreed with all of the views of either party. I do stand behind whatever is best for our country. And a guy who’s spent most of his adult life surrounding himself with a bunch of extreme liberal Holly-wierd celebrity eleats and adopting their entitled, tree hugging mentality, does not make him a more desirable candidate.
    On the contrary. Even with all of his charity work and outreach efforts, (at the end of the day), the second that you listen to any of his comments on politics, it becomes [immediately] obvious that he’s much more Californiaian now, than he EVER was a Texan.
    And anyone can see just how badly the left has screwed that state over.
    In fact, half of the problems in Texas, right now, are a direct result of the mass exodus of, (left leaning), Californians, moving to Texas, in search of lower taxes and better opportunities for employment, who are now, slowly turning the great state of Texas into a leftist sespool, just like the one they fled from.
    You talk about how “stupid” people are, because they say they won’t vote for him. But you don’t own up to your own foolish ignorance, for blindly voting for a guy, simply because he’s a famouswfamous man, from Texas, who’s nice to underprivileged people.
    Trump, the Clintons and even Epstein all have had programs to help the less fortunate. But would you REALLY want any of them to have been the driving force behind Texas politics, (for an entire term)?
    And you clearly feel that way about this Hollywood eleatist. Which means you are part of the problem. Not the solution.
    Why people even listen to things that fools like you, who blindly follow a single party banner and [clearly] hide that fact, by accusing anyone who doesn’t follow as blindly as you, that is just beyond me. Maybe it would be better if YOU just moved to California, Seattle or Chicago, as opposed to trying to get our guy Mathew to run in Texas. Because you, (obviously), prefer those types of politics. And they already have them. So click your heals together, three times, and say; “There’s no place like Socialist land.”

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