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Jamal Adams To The Texans?

Obviously the big news out of the NFL today was Jamal Adams’s requesting a trade. Which if you’ve been following his saga with the Jets all summer, you’ll know it’s been a long time coming.

But once Jamal’s request was made official, his definite list of teams got leaked:

2 out of the 7 teams on the list Texas teams?!?! Interesting. In Vegas they’d say that’s a 27% chance Jamal ends up in his home state of Texas. And while I’m not a mathematician, I do believe that is the highest odds of any state in America. I’ll take those chances all day.

And if he Jamal is in fact coming to Texas, the question then becomes which team wants him more — Cowboys of Texans? Because make no mistake about it, Jamal wants to be loved. Appreciated. Needed. After all, he had this happen to him in his past relationship:

So can you really blame him?

Now, when analyzing which team appreciates Jamal’s talent more, these two tweets really stuck out:

You know how many Cowboys players have tweeted at Jamal?!?


Not Dak. Not Zeke. Not Cee Dee. Not anyone.

Tough look for the Cowboys.

So, if it’s a lock that Jamal is coming to Texas, and the Texans want him more, the only question now left is does Jamal love Houston?

Boom. Welcome to H-Town, Jamal!


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