Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue On Town Lake Vandalized

This is some bullshit. And look I get it —statues all across the world are going down right now. Everyone’s on the chopping block. But Stevie? Really? All he ever did was bring incredible music to our ears. Can’t we just leave him alone? I mean who’s next? Willie?

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  • Proof this entire movement is about anarchy, and changing history, NOT social injustice. When will you mindless sheep figure it out??

    • They don’t care. It won’t be stopped until there’s a nasty confrontation between these fools and the good folks of this country. And then my friend, I’m afraid we will be in a civil war.

    • This kind of shit angers and terrifies me. I keep hoping that reasonable will have the courage to stand up and call a halt to the destruction of America and all it’s greatest minds and legends, like Stevie. Speak out against the destruction people who confuse racial equality with the end of our country as we know it. America is the yet unrealized ideal stated in the founding documents. Don’t tear it down, make it better. This kind of shit angers and terrifies me. If that makes me a racist, then sorry. I didn’t choose the color of my skin, but I’m being judges by it. Apparently Stevie wasn’t the right color.

  • SRV paid tribute to all his idols, mostly black, ALBERT KING, JIMI, BB KING etc. To deface his statue makes me want to kick some ASS

    • I don’t what his “idols” being Black has to do with anything. Oh, you’re insinuating that BLM had something to do with this. But the letters on the statue says “FTP”. I don’t know what that means? But I do know my alphabet and it doesn’t say “BLM”. Also did you know about the FACT that the Boogaloo Boys have been committing criminal acts blaming them on BLM? Probably not.

      • Because BLM has been saying FTP (fuck the police) and defund the police. I saw the BLM protesters carrying signs that said FTP.

    • This is bullshit ! He has nothing to do with ANY of this. All it is vandalism. Someone PLEASE clean it off.

      • To Marian Baney above: Sorry, but Trump voters don’t vandalize and tear down statues. Leftists/socialists/communists do that to erase history and cause chaos.

  • So what does stevie have to do with this movement? Those who followed and yelled and protest END THIS MADNESS ! TAKING DOWN STATUTES THAT HAVE BEEN THERE FOR DECADES. DIDN’T MIND ANYONE FOR YEARS ITS HISTORY, GOOD OR BAD WE LEARNED ENDTHIS SHIT IT’S STUPID !!!!

    • You and your kind didn’t learn. That’s the pont. Most of the statues being removed were placed there to remind black people that Jim Crow laws were in effect, and to remind white people that committing treason in the name of slavery was something honorable. Even though you lost.

      You didn’t learn. Your kind never does.

  • All I have to say is God Bless SRV!!! We can’t undo our history be it good or bad, if we don’t learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it. Where does a person draw the line? Our dollar bills have presidents that were slave owners. If the brain donor protesters or whatever they call themselves feel that strongly about their cause, they should either burn their money or give it to me, I’ll spend it for them.

  • “Can’t we just leave him alone?” NO ONE WILL BE LEFT ALONE. DO PEOPLE GET THIS NOW? NO LIFE MATTERS. We are in a civil war. Enemies lie. Fools believe lies, fools trust liars. Fools support the enemies. America has been REGULARLY played to the point it is trained, & has forsaken its KNOWLEDGES for the TRAINING. We are in trouble. I now presume that every “nicey-nice” front i see is just that, & that if it’s not carried by an enemy it’s carried by a fool.
    —–By the way, YEAH, Snowflake, I SAID “ENEMY”. Go tell your group leader.

  • SRV, please, as far as I’m concerned if they weren’t already over the line they are now. Let the cops do their job.

  • Stevie Ray was the best
    One of the greatest blues guitarist ever
    It’s a crying shame …god bless you Stevie!!!

  • If this was really about racial equity then why aren’t people more upset about the slavery still happening till this day in Africa. I don’t hear the bleeding heart rich and famous or blm trying to get them out of slavery.

  • That’s it…I’m officially pissed off and ready to take my America back from these clueless millennial Dem Dingdong dipsh*ts…
    We named our daughter after SRV and he was a true American Hero.
    This will not sit well with Texans as I’m here in TN and formally from the Ununited State of California.

    • My guess is F#*k The Police. Some idiot going around tagging any statue that has nothing to do with police treatment or civil equality.

  • It’s not about BLM anymore. If anyone defaced a statue around my town they would be quickly arrested. Not sure how these thugs are allowed to continue doing it.

  • SRV – Today ‘the sky is crying’ and ‘I’m cryin’ too! Someone please ‘tell me’ what did SRV ever do to deserve this disrespect?! That’s a ‘cold shot’ for a man who was a ‘good Texan’ and a great musician. It’s ‘hard to be’ sympathetic to a cause when some people in support of it deface a monument to a musical genius. Now I say to those people to disrespect the memory of SRV in TEXAS y’all are walking a ‘tightrope’ as if ‘living life by the drop’. Although I myself am a ‘long way from home’ far away from the America I know and love. I’d also say to those heathens my ‘life without you’ is non the worst for wear. So ‘come on’ because I challenge you in your game of ‘dirty pool’ to ‘change it’ for the better! If you really believe that you can do it right then we can all ‘live another day’ together in a harmonious world. However I am loath to say people who go about destruction to defend themselves or their cause are standing on a self righteous stump. That stump like their minds is rooted in criminal acts and breaking the laws of a great nation. When they go forward beset on a path cleared by anarchic ways in our AMERICA, seeking her consolations they should be met only with Lady Liberty’s ‘empty arms’ crossed in defiance not her embrace. I reckon Uncle Sam would chime in as well to tell y’all ‘leave my girl alone’! I suppose to those standing over there on that other side of the line will strongly disagree with me on this point. All I have to say while ‘lookin out my window’ it appears to me y’all just ‘couldn’t stand the weather’. Yet we are all Americans and I will forgive all the wrongs of yesterday, today and tomorrow, as we all should. I will always have a place in my heart, forever bleeding red, white and blue to ‘hug you squeeze you’ as all good Americans should do for one another. From sea to shining sea. 🇺🇸

    • Hey thanks for what you said. I’m a die-hard SRV fan since 1983. We need all of our monuments good and bad, so we can remember. In the future we’ll look back and remember what. That nobody led the protests.They should have had someone they show honer and respect for, and would speak on their behalf, not having a crowd of people yelling and screaming, and we’re getting caught in the crossfire. What ever happened to the
      Golden Rule.

  • I just saw the picture of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s defaced statue today. It made me sick and very mad. To the rest of the
    dumbasses in this country “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”! We will not take this lying down.

    • You’ll definitely take it lying down because you’re too stupid to wear masks and are dying of The Rona in droves. Dumb hicks.

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