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What Should Dak Name His Country Album?

On the same day Dak signs his $31.4 million franchise tag, he also releases the cover photo of his upcoming country album? Power move.

But if you notice, Dak fails to announce the title of his album. What’s that about? He doesn’t even leave a caption on the pic? Just totally mystery.

Or is it that the young QB1 is struggling to find the right name? Has he put too much time, energy and focus on contract negotiations to think of an album title? Honestly, seems like that latter. So, look no further, Dak. I got you:

1. Why Pick 6 When I Have U

2. Don’t Tag Me Like A Cow

3. She Thinks My Daktors Sexy

4. Dallas By Morning

5. Teammates In Low Places

6. 10 Yards

7. If A Super Bowl Never Comes

8. The First Pass Is The Deepest

9. Duel Threat Shuffle

10. Broken Contracts

Nailed it.