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Sports Illustrated Falsely Accuses Zeke Of Being Stoned And Now Zeke Is Suing Their Asses

So this video obviously has been making the rounds today. Idiots all over the internet trying to insinuate by Zeke using the word “faded” on his live stream, he was high on what kids these days call…. WEED!

Interesting, right? Because I for one have NEVER heard being stoned referred to as “faded”? Which is why I didn’t blog this story initially and really didn’t think anything of it. But nonetheless, it didn’t stop clickbait blogs all across the country from disparaging Zeke’s good name. Even once credible publications like Sports Illustrated wasted no time to run with the narrative.

Well Zeke has now fired back:

Yo, Sports Illustrated — do those tweets seem like they’re coming from a high, or as you would say, faded guy? Pretty sure the stoners I know don’t sit around filing lawsuits for defamation or HIPPA violations:

Nor do they rush for 1,357 yards and 12 touchdowns in a season. But maybe Sports Illustrated knows different stoners than me?

Bottom line is this — just because Zeke loves to eat and uses the word faded from time to time, does NOT mean he’s high. Now, let Zeke eat and do what he does best: