No Friday Night Lights — Texas High School Football Canceled For 2020?

High School Football is Texas. Texas is High School Football. So, without High School Football — what even are we? Nothing. We don’t have an identification. Might as well be just another lowly state like Oklahoma or Idaho.

And while this news obviously stings, as it’s another domino to fall in what’s looking like the inevitable end of all football in 2020 — I cannot even imagine how devastating it has to be to all the High School football players, especially the soon to be seniors.

These kids work their asses off for 3 years to get a chance to make a run at State their senior year. 90% of those kids don’t care about school, they care about their teammates, coaches, friends and bringing home State to their community. And now to not get that opportunity because of Coronavirus, it is simply put — the fucking worst.

In times like these, there’s really only one person we can call on for advice: