Texas Football Needs Greg Kelley

If you haven’t watched Outcry by now you’re doing yourself a disservice. Just an incredibly shocking, heartbreaking yet inspiring true story of a Leander, Texas high school football player accused and convicted of super aggravated assault on a child and sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole. Heavy stuff. But SPOILER ALERT — after nearly 6 years he was fully EXONERATED this past year.

For those who haven’t watched, throughout the entire documentary Greg not only aspires to clear his name but to be able to one day walk on as a DB for Texas. While that may seem outrageous, if you watch the show you’ll see that besides Greg being completely innocent of this horrendous crime, he is also no slouch. The dude is still a beast in the weight room and could absolutely ball in high school — having multiple full ride scholarship offers to back up his game.

But haters hate and will say he still doesn’t have a chance. Too much time has passed. Too many years in the slammer. Was never good enough to begin with. Zero chance Coach Herman will even let him into the locker room, let alone choose him to walk on.

Well, like usual the haters are WRONG. Because Greg’s wife just confirmed Greg in fact did get his shot and is now just waiting to hear back:

Boom. Love to see it.

At this point, it will be crushing if Texas doesn’t let Greg on the team. Just no doubt Texas needs a kid like Greg on the team. He’s a modern day Rudy! A perfect example of a guy who met adversity head on, who crawled, fought, believed and never gave up. That’s the type of inspiration Texas will need to bring home a National Championship during the middle of a fucking global pandemic.



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