IG Model Anna Mya Says An NBA Player Has Already Secretly Invited Her To The Orlando Bubble

Look, we all know this was going to be THE No.1 problem with the NBA bubble. Stephen A. Smith even said so himself:

Because while players in the bubble may bitch about food, living situation or that the fishing isn’t good enough:

at the end of the day they’ll still eat the shitty food, sleep on a queen size mattress and fish until there’s no more stocked fish in the pond.

But you know what they absolutely will not do?!? Go 3 months without sex. Just won’t happen. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. And Anna is proof of that.

So, the only question now is which NBA player gets kicked out of the bubble first for falling into Anna’s thirst trap?

PS: Through my due diligence and investigative reporting I discovered Anna was from Houston, causing me to immediately update the Top 5 suspected players who invited Anna to the bubble:

BUT WAIT! There’s now another suspect in the mix!

Donovan, care to comment?!?!?

UPDATE: We have our culprit!