Georgetown, Texas High School Sophomore With The Catch Of The Year Over Tyreek Hill

Football hasn’t even started, and may never start, but doesn’t matter because we already have the catch of the year. How could anyone disagree either? The kid making the catch (Tyreeq-styles Obichere) is only 15! That’s right. FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD and he’s already making one handed, OBJ style catches over the fastest player in the NFL? I mean he legitimately put Tyreek Hill aka the Cheetah into a spin class. Absolutely unreal.

Love everything about Tyreeq-styles too. His athleticism. His non-cholent attitude. His hands. Speed. Work ethic. And I sure as hell love his name.

Now, when the hell is Coach Herman going to sign him?

PS: When the entire country is roasting you for getting dominated by a 15 year old, there’s only one thing you can do…

Nailed it.


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