Austin Longhorns

Where’s The Vince Young Statue?

No doubt Texas stepped up HUGE to the plate today. You love to see it. ALL of it. Truly, a long time coming. Guys like Earl, Ricky and Julius deserve to shine every single damn day in Austin.

But with that said, there’s clearly someone who’s missing amongst the group honored today. You know it. I know it. Texas knows it.

Vince Fucking Young.

The first and only black QB1 to bring Austin a National Championship!

It’s a slap in the face to not honor him today. Vince will never say it though. Too humble. Too kind. So, I’ll do it for him…VINCE YOUNG DESERVES A STATUE! VINCE YOUNG NEEDS A STATUE! GIVE VINCE YOUNG HIS DAMN STATUE!

Or at minimum an endzone or lockerroom? It’s the least we can do to honor Vince for bringing home the Ship and inspiring millions of young black athletes. Make it happen, Texas!

PS: For the haters who say Texas should only honor past Heisman winners, don’t forget VY turned down the Heisman.


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