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MUST WATCH: Ricky And Earl Sit Down Together To Discuss The Field Name Change

Love this. Incredible there was no moderator either. Just Ricky facilitating an absolutely fascinating interview. No doubt it gave me and hopefully a lot of other UT fans a better perspective and understanding on the importance of the rename.

I will say though the part that stood out to me in the discussion was Earl making the point to say the rename of the field came from Joe Jamail’s family, not The University of Texas. An interesting take for sure. Because to UT’s credit, they couldn’t have just unilaterally changed the name. Joe Jamail was not some racist asshole who deserved his name being take off the field. So, I think it’s a little unfair to place blame on UT or insinuate they somehow are not genuine because the rename wasn’t done sooner or done solely by them without the permission of the Jamail family. But besides that take, I LOVED everything else Earl and Ricky had to say.

Also, shoutout to the Jamails’. Just an awesome move by them. Because even though Joe is now dead, his family gave him a voice by making an impact and doing something he would have wanted to do for the school he loved so much — renaming the field after two of his good friends Ricky and Earl.


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