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Dak Says Tim Tebow Was A Better Football Player Than Him And Zeke

Dak’s words not mine. And with such a hot take, it’s only fair we look at the stats:

Tebow: Passed for 9,825 yards and 88 TDs, Rushed for 2,947 and 57 TDs.

Dak: Passed for 9,367 yards and 70 TDs, Rushed for 2,251 and 41 TDs.

Zeke: Passed for 0 yards and 0 TDs, Rushed for 3,715 and and 39 TDs.

Numbers don’t lie. And I guess neither does Dak. Tim Tebow >>>>>>>>>> Dak and Zeke.

Jerry refusing to give Dak that long term deal makes a little more sense now. Because if you want to get paid $40 milly a year and be the Cowboys franchise QB1 for the next decade, you got to first start with being better than Tim Tebow.