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Sam Ehlinger Would Be Better Off If The College Football Season Was Canceled?

Texas Football: 3 reasons Sam Ehlinger should forego 2020 NFL Draft

As it stands now, Ehlinger’s a top 4 QB heading into the 2021 draft — which should land him in the first 3 rounds. The only other QBs you could make a case to be drafted higher is Trevor Lawrence, Justin Field and some rando McShay or Kiper have from like North Dakota they’ll say is the next Peyton Manning. Outside of that, it’s Ehlinger and with the hype train just getting rolling:

Davey O’Brien Watch List: Check

Preseason All BIg 12 1st Team: Check

If College Football does in fact get canceled, it won’t give another QB the chance to jump Ehlinger either. It also won’t open the door to Ehlinger fucking up this season or getting injured. Which is why you could argue if the season were to be canceled, Ehlinger would be better off.

He has put out enough tape over the last 3 seasons to convince anyone who knows anything about football that he has potential to be a very solid NFL QB1 or at worst a hell of a back up. I mean Chase Daniels has been in the League for 10 years and just signed a new contract that’s set to make him $13 million over the next 3 years. I promise you this — Ehlinger is better than Chase Daniels.

Plus, if you look at Ehlinger’s film against the best opponent, 2019 LSU, he dominated. The dude threw for 401 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs. Ehlinger was the first QB with 400 passing yards in a game against LSU since 2011. There’s not a closer comparison to an NFL defense than last years LSU team and Ehlinger lit them up.

Now don’t get me wrong. I hope College Football happens. I pray it does. Because I do think if Ehlinger is able to stay healthy, he will win the Heisman and bring Austin the Ship. But there’s no guarantees when it comes to injuries. Which is why if you’re looking strictly to Ehlinger’s NFL future, you wouldn’t mind seeing the College Football season canceled.


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