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Father/Son’s 42nd Consecutive Astros Home Opener Attendance Streak In Jeopardy

According to his twitter profile our guy Michael is the Bellaire High School principal, so, obviously attendance is a big deal to him. Guy lives and breathes attendance, it’s his job after all. To have his perfect attendance streak be put in jeopardy over a pandemic has to be brutal for him. But as they say — when life gives you oranges, make Minute Maid Orange Juice.

And that is exactly what Michael and his pops do, they brought the ballpark to their home living room — pencil and pad in hand, mask on face, glove on lap and asses on Dome seats. Love it. It’s that type of support from Stros fans that has allowed us to get back to Championship contention year in and year out and dominate the Mariners on Opening Day, 8 – 2.

After careful thought and consideration, we at TexasTakes have ruled Michael and his dad’s home attendance streak lives on. You cannot possibly look at this picture and tell me otherwise:


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