One Of The Worst Gambling Losses You’ll Ever See

So our guy Justin won the $250k Opening Day slate last night, or so he had thought….

That’s about as bad of a beat as it gets. Just brutal. The exact definition of watching $250k disappear from your fingers. But credit to Justin for going live for the world to see. And honestly, he handled the loss like a champ. Lesser men would have jumped off a bridge.

Unfortunately, I can also relate to Justin.

Last year during the NBA playoffs I was winning the $200k on DraftKings with less than 30 seconds left to go. I had Kevin looney, the rest of the field behind me in 2nd all had the identical lineup but with Iguodala, instead of Looney.

With time running out and Warriors up big, Looney was in the game and Iguodala was on the bench. I of course was freaking out. Already planning what I would do with my $250k. I’ve hit $50k before on DraftKings before but $250K would be game changing for me.

Well as the story goes, for essentially no reason Steve Kerr subs out Looney with 30 seconds left and puts in Iggy. Which to this day I don’t understand the logic behind that move and never will —why sub out a backup and put in a starter with the game out of reach? In the playoffs no less! Just an unreal, asshole move by Kerr. Needless to say, Iggy checks into the game, gets a rebound with a couple seconds remaining which caused all the Iggy lineups to jump me. I went from winning $200K to winning a measly $500 in a matter of second. Fuck you Steve Kerr.