This Is Disgusting.

I always respected Jason Witten for leaving the MNF football booth. A job that was paying him $5 milly a year. Because I honestly thought he left so he could have one last shot at the title. That he had too much pride to have a 15 year career with no Super Bowl ring to show for it. He just couldn’t and wouldn’t stand to be the Charles Barkley of football. So, I personally loved his decision to come back and play for the Boys. With a Dak and Zeke backfield he also had a legitimate chance of fulfilling his dream of being a Super Bowl Champ.

BUT then he goes out and does this? I mean what the fuck. The Raiders? Really? Derek Carr is NOT winning you the Super Bowl. I know it. You know it. Jon Gruden knows it. Jason Witten should definitely know it? But I guess it’s very possible he doesn’t?