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‪Jordan Speith Shoots +3 Day 1 Of PGA Championship And Now Is Refusing To Leave The Driving Range

Hard not to respect this move by Speith. The dude absolutely stunk it up today and now wants to grind through the night to fix whatever has been his issue over his last two year drought.

It has to kill him that he just blew up Day 1 on a course he’s finished top 15 the past 3 years. But unfortunately this is the new normal for Speith — no matter the course or week, he just can’t put 4 days together. It’s cost me a lot of money on Draft Kings too. Every week I think it’s finally his week. That he’s due. Then boom, he implodes. And this week. The first major of the year. It’s no different.

But nonetheless I like to see him out their driving through the night. Although in all honestly he’s probably just getting more in his head.

Prediction: Shoots -4 tomorrow, barely making the cut. Plays decent Saturday (-2). Then shoots +1 Sunday. Finishing 58th place. Mark it.


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