Deion Sanders Is Not About That Opt-Out Life

High schoolers, college kids, professional athletes have been opting out left and right over the last few weeks. Some players doing it due to COVID-19 concerns and other for financial reasons. Which is why Prime Time’s take is a little lazy. And I get what Prime is trying to say. You don’t get on the field — the next guy is going to pass you up. You don’t put out tape — the coaches are going to forget about you. But there are plenty of guys where it makes plenty of sense to opt out. For example, why would any player who is a guaranteed first rounder play next season? All they can do is get hurt and have their draft stock plummet. And for what? To go 8-5 in a season that will have an asterisk by it anyways. Or if you’re a high school kid and already have a full ride scholarship — why would you risk injury either?

Either way, its quite the take by Neon Deon. But make no mistake about it — I still love you Prime Time.