Houston Rockets

Lakers Will Officially Not Be A Problem For The Rockets Title Run

With Lebron out with a groin injury last night, the Lakers weaknesses got put on blast. Obviously scoring has been an issue for the Lakers with or without Lebron, as they‘re the only team in the bubble that is averaging less than 100 points a game. But with no Lebron last night you really got to see just how little offense they have outside of Bron and just how TERRIBLE their perimeter defense truly is. I mean in just one half the Beard put up 25 points and the Rockets hit 11 threes. And you know things must be real bad on the offensive side when a 35 year old Jared Dudley is getting minutes in hopes of creating a spark. SHEESH.

Bottom line — clinching the first seed in the Western Conference will be the highlight of Lebron’s season because not a chance LA is getting past Houston in a 7 game series, even with a fully healthy Lebron groin.


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